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Always and forever...

...will I attempt to Defy Gravity

Nataly ^_^
8 May 1989
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A Southern California native who's lived in the same house she was conceived in. I've watched people enter and leave my life, and sometimes I wonder if I'll always be other people's rock, or if I'll drift off on my own someday.

I'm a hopeless optimist who tries not to take life to seriously. So forgive me for being rather blunt on the topic of life. It's really not as complex as we make it out to be.

A complete geek. If I fall in love with a book, movie, story, etc., you'll never hear the end of it. Currently obsessed with Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, or anything by CLAMP for that matter. Manga, anime, and video games keep me plenty entertained.

I wish I could say I was talented. Everyone around me says I am. I lack motivation in a lot of things I do. It's because of that that I feel my talents are unjustified. Besides, I refuse to acknowledge my talents until those who tell me I'm talented acknowledge theirs. Otherwise it's extremely unfair.

Though I claim life isn't as hard to understand as everyone thinks it is, I myself am currently lost on my path. Or, to say, I don't know what to make out of my life quite yet. I'm currently drifting through community college trying to solve that one. I'm in no real rush, but everyone around me seems to be.

I'm always open to new friends. Reading my journal entries would give you a much broader insight as to who I am than this little bio section ever will.

I lurk a lot. I read, but don't comment as much as I should. Sorry about that ^^;